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Live easy - with Leafy

Leafy is our invoice and order managment software that can save you time due to its easy to use and modern interface, which can help improve your productivity and give you an overview of your commercial processes.


Leafy is available for all mainstream operating system



With Leafy, you can create and manage your customers, products and business information easily.


Offers, Orders, Deliveries * and Invoices are easily created and managed.


For all your created offers, orders, deliveries * and invoices, you can easily see the status and always be up to date.

Generate documents

With just the click of a button you can access your documents in PDF format.

Book payments

Manage open accounts and book payments and partial payments with ease within Leafy. That way you can always be up-to-date with all your outstanding debits.

Dark Mode

Easily switch between a light and a dark theme, whichever suits your preference.

Leafy Versions

Choose the version of Leafy that best suits your personal and business needs

DesktopSingle user
ServerMulti user
Leafy DesktopLeafy Pro Desktop
Customer management
Offer management
Order management
Delivery management
Number of users11
Monthly subscription
* Only available in the Pro version of Leafy

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